Cialis FAQ

What is the difference between Cialis and Viagra?
Cialis and Viagra are drugs designed to treat erectile dysfunction. They dissent from each other in the continuance of activity and the inability to combine with food. Thus, for example. Cialis acts up to 36 hours, while Viagra only 4-6 hours. Cialis can be taken with food, Viagra may reduce its effectiveness under the influence of fatty foods.

Is it possible to combine the usage of Cialis and Viagra?
These both drugs are very effective tools against erectile dysfunction, but before their application, it is necessary to consult with a doctor. Only a specialist can prescribe you a particular drug. Combining them is not recommended.

How to take Cialis dosage 5 mg?
Cialis 5 mg usually attribute for everyday practice and is sold in a package of 30 tablets. If the doctor prescribed you this dose, you need to take medications every day for 30 days.

Is Cialis Indian-made differ from Cialis American production?
We can say, that country of origin does not affect the quality of medicines. The ingredients that go into the composition of medicines the same, and thus the quality will be the same.

Can I take Cialis if there is no diagnosis of erectile dysfunction?
Cialis administered to people who have difficulty with erection and can’t have intercourse. If you do not have this disease and you are a completely healthy person, you don’t need to drink any medicine. Also, do not forget that Cialis can have side effects. There is no need to burden the body unnecessarily.

Why is Cialis called “weekend tablet”?
This correspondence the name of the drug is associated with the duration of its action, which can be within 36 hours. This means that if you drank the medicine this morning you can expect a positive effect even tomorrow night. The main condition for the effective action of the drug is the presence of natural sexual arousal.

Does Cialis effect on sperm quality? Can I take this drug, if we want to get pregnant?
Cialis in no way impacts the attribute and amount of sperm. This drug will never harm the planning of your pregnancy but will help a man to have a sustainable erection. If your infertility is associated with an impaired erection in men and lack of regular sex acts, in this case. Cialis can be considered as a treatment.

Can a woman take Cialis?
The bodies of men and women are different. They require different drugs if we are talking about sexual health. Cialis should not be consumed by women. They have a special women’s medications to improve libido and other sexual health conditions.