Find out about the main questions of Erectile Dysfunction right now!

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Well-known is the fact that men don’t take their health very seriously. They do not pay due care for their physical condition and do not like to go to the doctors. But, you will agree that it is better to prevent the occurrence of disease, especially one as delicate as erectile dysfunction. First of all, let’s find out the meaning of the words “erectile dysfunction”.
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a model that denotes the incapability of the representative of the stronger sex to have a sustainable erection needed for conducting a full sexual intercourse.
Erectile dysfunction is more average older men, but in the contemporary world, erection problems are habitually determined in men of young. To provoke the emergence of such problems can a variety of reasons.

The Reasons for ED

To determine what kind of reason led to the emergence of the disease is very important because knowing exactly the source of the disease you can overcome it.
There are two groups of factors which can call erectile dysfunction. They are organic factors psychological reasons.
To organic reasons for the occurrence of erection can be attributed to the following features:

1. Endocrine diseases.
2. Urological diseases.
3. Cardiovascular disease.
4. Diseases of the genitourinary system.

If a weak erection occurs due to organic causes, then it has a slow progression. Periodically, the man notices that at the right moment erection it does not occur and gradually marked an increase in these failures. It is worth noting that the so-called “organic impotence,” is characterized by the fact that the person loses interest in the partner and an aspiration to have sex.
Regarding psychological causes of erection problems, then here above all, it should be renowned that stress is one of the main reasons contributing to the beginning of this simplicity. Also, the constant conflicts in the family and at work and depression can cause disorders of the male forces.
Plus it is worth noting that in the recent world erectile dysfunction occurs primarily through psychological reasons. Though it is believed that men are the stronger sex, they are easily exposed to conflict and stress. Very frequently men at a young age have the experience of a failed sex life, which affects their further life. In men, there is fear and uncertainty before the new act of intercourse. This fear affects his erections, which becomes weak and as a result, the man loses the ability to commit full sexual intercourse.

Cialis as the main enemy of ED

In fact, erectile dysfunction is not such a terrible condition as it seems. Today, there are many effective drugs such as Cialis, which are exploited to treat the disease. The recommended dose is 20 mg, i. e. one tablet. Maximum daily dose of 40mg. Cialis is taken at least half an hour before sexual intercourse, drinking plenty of water. Reception of Cialis is desirable on an empty stomach since the presence of fatty foods in the stomach can slow beginning of action of the drug. It is also worth to remember that Cialis is a drug and alcohol abuse when the drug is not desirable.