Life without sex – what threatens us with asexuality and sex absence?

Life without sex - what threatens us with asexuality and sex absence?There is an opinion that asexuality is a psychological deviation. We have to argue with this fact – sometimes it is about the physiology of the body, and the more we force ourselves to starve in terms of physical intimacy, postponing in the furthest box Cialis coupon, the more we plunge into ourselves.

We develop the complex, that is, we return to the first reason, and we force psychologists to puzzle over our problems. However, asexuals themselves do not consider the problem the lack of sex.

Who are asexuals today?

It is hard to believe, but according to statistics, the number of men and women indifferent to sex is growing from year to year.

Asexuals, or as they are called – generation X –Life without sex - what threatens us with asexuality and sex absence? are people who live peacefully without sex. They do not need affection and do not require intimacy. Do not give birth to children, and never get bored when their partner is somewhere far away. Most often they do not see any reason to look for a partner and they do not need an intimate partnership. They have no idea what are side effects of Cialis as they never buy generic Cialis. Such people feel really good themselves just alone.

From where did asexuality come from?

Today, scientists share the asexuality of a person in 5 categories.

1. The asexuality of the so-called single people. Those people, who at first had sex, but from personal beliefs decided never to marry and not have children.

2. Asexuality of a workaholic. Very often people enthusiastic about business are so immersed in the world of data and numbers that the real requirements of the body soon become empty for them. And this is the second reason to refuse an intimate life.

3. Asexuality of the intellectual elite. In the higher strata of society,Life without sex - what threatens us with asexuality and sex absence? they are called the hope of the nation, but the rest of the people, laughing in the shoulder: “Hope that will not leave a trace behind.” And really – to give up sex for the sake of the elitist way of life, somehow silly sounds.

4. Women’s asexuality is excessively self-interested. Such people are too proud to waste time on carnal pleasures. Usually, they are vegetarians, yoga fans, feminists and fans of fashionable parties.

5. Asexuality may be also the cause of physical disorders of the genitourinary system. In other words, it is the lack of sex, due to the diseases of which we do not cure.

What should you undertake with asexuality?

What can cause asexuality – a biological problem or our psychology, everyone solves separately. Our task is to remind that sex is not just a pleasant, but also a healthy process. And if it is absent, it is necessary to treat it in time.

Means for the treatment of reduced sexual activity in men and women, today are in plenty amounts on the market, for example, Cialis vs Viagra. We would like to just, or at least take an interest in this, for the sake of our future children – the continuation of our mankind!